Infants Left Barefooted at School For ‘Incorrect’ Shoes

A rather unusual stance at an early childhood institution in the corporate area on Jamaica Day left parents irate. Several toddlers and infants were left barefooted allegedly for the entire day, for reportedly, wearing shoes of unacceptable colour. Students at an infant school in Kingston were asked to remove their shoes and participate barefooted in activities on Jamaica day, Friday, at the school.

One of the shoes in question was a black Nike, laced with white trim. A concerned mother told CVM LIVE she found out her toddler had to sport her sole for the day when the four-year-old complained to her after school. She says specific instructions were given to not wear any colored pants aside from the Jamaican colors but the shoes were not specified. Reports are that other students who wore full white shoes were sent home. 

The mother says the class representative with whom she spoke apologized, and explained that parents weren’t contacted because Friday was hectic. She says while she feels the form teacher is genuinely sorry about the incident, she would have felt better had someone informed the parents. She reiterates “they are babies and are not responsible for themselves.” CVM LIVE understands that a stakeholders’ meeting is scheduled for parents, the Principal, and the Parent-teacher Association President to discuss what transpired. Several calls to the school up to news time went unanswered. Watch the report:

Reporter: Kimberly Henry

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