INDECOM Urges Revision of Corrections Act, Committal Proceedings Act

Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is insisting the government revise some critical pieces of legislation that could be in breach of modern regulations and charters. It is also seeking to enhance its offerings to the public to include child-friendly suites and counselling for victims’ loved ones.

INDECOM Boss Hugh B. Faulkner is challenging the government to take a deeper look at sections of the Corrections Act. He also notes a second goal of the Commission – the continued reduction of the backlog of complaints at INDECOM.

Aside from creating a manual on standard operations at the investigative entity, Faulkner says investments have been made in building out a more family-oriented team to aid those they serve. These include child-friendly suites and hiring family liaison officers.

Meanwhile, there is an appeal for the government to swiftly resource the forensic lab in the ballistics area. Watch the report:

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