INDECOM Takes Jab at JCF’s Handling of Fatal Shootings 

Shots fired at the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) High Command by the Independent Commission of Investigations’ (INDECOM) Deputy Commissioner Hamish Campbell over how the force addresses incidents of fatal shootings. Amplifying the call for the JCF to exercise restraint, the Deputy says there is a certain cohort of police officers who are involved in multiple shooting incidents. He further states this is a lingering culture in the JCF’s policing habit, as officers continue to engage in such activities.

Campbell believes this is not being fully or sufficiently addressed in a transparent manner by the JCF High Command. Noting paragraph 16 of the JCF’s human rights, and police use of force policy, Campbell says members of the force should only shoot to neutralize the immediate threat. He is calling for an examination of this habit. But Campbell says the security forces report that every round fired is necessary, proportionate and a reasonable exercise of the use of lethal force. Meanwhile, INDECOM Commissioner, Hugh Faulkner is again urging the use of body cameras for all operational officers. They were speaking at an INDECOM quarterly briefing in Kingston Thursday, December 8.

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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