INDECOM Probing Fatal Shootings in St. Andrew

INDECOM Probing Fatal Shootings in Mineral Heights and Irish Town

The Independent Commission of Investigations is probing recent fatal shootings in Mineral Heights, Clarendon, and Irish Town in St. Andrew. In one incident, the police reportedly shot one man dead after he allegedly pointed a firearm at them, and in another, an off-duty cop allegedly shot a man who was trying to rob him.

INDECOM is probing a shooting in Mineral Heights Clarendon where one man has been shot dead and three others arrested. 

According to Assistant Superintendent Eudene Downer, the police were in the community when they saw a group of men, one of them reportedly brandished a gun at pointed it at the officers.

INDECOM is also probing another fatal shooting; this time it’s related to the death of 30-year-old, Steven Brown by an off-duty police officer on Irish Town Road, St. Andrew.

Reports are that the off-duty cop was traveling along the Irish Town Road when two men allegedly stepped into the roadway and demanded money and his vehicle. The officer says at least one man was armed.

He fired one shot from his service weapon, drove off, and reported the matter to the Gordon Town Police.

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