INDECOM Probes Central Kingston Fatal Shooting 

The Independent Commission of Investigations, (INDECOM) launched an investigation into a Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) fatal shooting of a man on Monday.  The incident occurred in the vicinity of a Kingston Central checkpoint on laws street. Residents are demanding justice as they denounce the continued acts of violence from criminals and allegedly by law enforcement. 

Sometime in the afternoon, residents of Law Street in Southside, Central Kingston allegedly witnessed the fatal shooting of 24-year-old Terron Hewitt otherwise called Skillibeng, an upcoming entertainer. Hewitt was reportedly harassed several times Monday before a lone bullet struck him from the weapon of a JDF soldier. 

A resident said before they left the area the shooter allegedly announced that he was connected to the notorious Darksyde Gang which is at odds with other gangs in the space.

Videos of the incident captured on phone show the victim, now deceased, walking away from the soldiers when he was shot. Residents have since vented their anger and frustration at the killing by blocking the roadway where the incident unfolded Tuesday.

INDECOM has since condemned the killing and has begun an investigation. The Commission is urging anyone with information on the matter to make a formal complaint adding that swabbing and statements are now being collected. 

Meantime, a human rights group, Jamaicans for Justice added, that allegations that Hewitt moving a security barrier, was what prompted the use of deadly force, raised questions of proportionality, legality and necessity.

The JDF has also issued a statement that the soldiers implicated have been relieved of their duties in the area and have been complying with INDECOM as they investigate. The JDF notes all members dispatched in states of emergency have been exposed to human rights and use of force training.

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