The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) is raising concern about an emerging trend in fatal shootings almost two months into the new year.  The disclosure was made during an INDECOM media briefing held on Thursday, February 17, at their Head Office.

INDECOM’s Assistant Commissioner Hamish Campbell reported a concerning trend surrounding security forces shootings. He says despite the shorter-term rise, the general numbers show a fall in fatal shootings over a longer-term. “The police have a duty to make a report to INDECOM”… ‘it must not become aware of a matter that the police is aware of on social media or some other medium- INDECOM must be advised’ and in a timely manner, INDECOM Commissioner Hugh Faulkner says this action will prevent the investigation from being prejudice.

Meanwhile, INDECOM‘s Commissioner says he is not satisfied with how body cameras are used by security forces. Pointing out how it provides valuable assistance during investigations. More details in this report: