Coming on the heels of Major General Anthony Anderson defending his team against incidents of fatal shootings of men of unsound mind, INDECOM has launched another investigation into the killing of two men in separate incidents in St James on the weekend. The victims, identified as Garth Mitchell, whose age is yet to be ascertained and 34-year-old Travis Worren, both of unsound mind.

Commissioner of INDECOM Hugh Faulkner says they are seeking to identify the circumstances surrounding the fatalities. Pointing to the vulnerability of the mentally ill Faulkner says there are ways to treat them differently. Faulkner reiterated his belief in using less lethal force, notwithstanding it is sometimes necessary. However, he is urging members of the public to help in this investigation 

It is reported Mitchell was shot and killed after he tried disarming the police after they responded to reports of unlawful wounding and destruction of property. While Worren, allegedly also tried disarming the police, after they responded to reports that he allegedly chopped and injured a woman.

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Reporter: Javine Mclean

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