INDECOM Investigates the Death of St. Catherine Teen

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has begun an investigation into the questionable killing of a St. Catherine teen, Kerron Marshall, who allegedly was killed by members of the Jamaica Defense Force ( JDF).

The incident happened shortly before noon in the parish on Thursday, July 15.

Residents on location told the victim’s relatives the youngster was killed in cold blood.

Kerron’s mother said, he was shot in the head under questionable circumstances. She said her son was not one for mischief and was focused on his job as a tiler.

Meanwhile, INDECOM says the police reported that a joint military and police team were on patrol when Kerron was seen with a firearm.

It is alleged that the deceased, pointed the firearm in the direction of the officers, who in response, fired at him and was pronounced dead at the Spanish Town Hospital.

The members of the joint military police team have provided initial accounts to the Independent Commission of Investigations and are to be interviewed, concerning the incident.

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