INDECOM Investigates Police Haircut Claims

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) has launched an investigation into the allegations of a Clarendon woman who is accusing a female police of unlawfully cutting her dreadlocks while in custody.

The incident follows a series of unfortunate events in which the teen alleges she was pepper-sprayed and charged for allegedly not wearing a mask. After being brought before the court, the woman says she was fined $6000 or spend ten (10) days in jail. The woman says that while at the four paths police lock-up, the female police demanded two pairs of scissors which she allegedly used to shave the woman’s dreadlocks.

INDECOM says if the claims are true recommendations including possible charges could be laid against the police personnel in breach. INDECOM’s Commissioner Hugh Faulkner says not only would such behaviour be unacceptable but says it would be a breach of the woman’s fundamental rights and freedoms under chapter 3 of the constitution.

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