Increase Theft Of Streetlights 

The Ministry of Local Government and Community Development is raising concerns about the number of Streetlights that continue to be stolen across the island. Local Government Minister, Desmond Mckenzie says the matter will be addressed says these lights which were installed for public safety and security.

“The lights are installed for your benefit to protect you and in some places persons are removing the lights. What they do is that they drive up in a truck and when they are asked the question what happen, they say the light  is not working so they take it down to fix it,” says Mckenzie.

Back in August, light and power company, Jamaica Public Service intensified its streetlight repair programme to fix defective lamps. At the time, the company noted that customers were eager to have the non functioning streetlights fixed. Now, many of those lamps across the corporate area and other parishes have become the target of thieves.

“I am told that when the light goes out, they don’t need to take it out to fix it. It can be fixed at the same place. So anytime you see anybody removing the light, take down the license number and call the police because it is a thief robbing you of your tax payer money,” the Minister of Local Government and Community Development notes.

He was speaking at a Town Hall meeting on Streetlights and Disaster Preparedness.