In a bid to mend fences between the JCF and Rastas, members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, (JCF) visited one Rastafarian community in St. James. This comes after recent injustices were brought against the community.

Recently Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson met with members of the Nyabinghi community in Granville, St. James. Following the last JCF press conference where Commissioner Anderson reiterated that the Rastafari community is an iconic part of Jamaican culture.

Anderson sought to note that laws are in place to protect the Rastafarian community and the JCF will not tolerate any crimes against them. He noted that the Force is not out to target any specific group and the training process and the written policy does not teach or sanction this respectively. The Commissioner also highlighted the importance of unity among various groups in the society, such as the JCF and Rastas, while alluding to the proverb of divide and conquer. Noting that people who should be building bridges and communicating are not split.

With the recent injustices against the Rastafarian communities, the Major General says he is looking forward to a partnership between the JCF and the Nyabinghi community.

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