Ikonwork: Ja’s 1st Hi-Tech Recruitment & Professional Networking Platform

Ikonwork is one of Jamaica’s first hi-tech recruitment and professional networking platform that allows people to showcase their skillsets enabling them to engage future employers, boost productivity, and make them more competitive.

A global digital platform made its debut in Jamaica on Friday, the country’s first hi-tech recruitment and professional networking platform.

It is called Ikonwork, which will help to deepen confidence in Jamaica as a business destination and further accelerate the country’s transition to a digital society. The Ikonwork artificial intelligence allows the platform to source, assess, and screen employees which will enable employers to make smarter hiring decisions.

Technology Minister Daryl Vaz says this platform is in tandem with Vision 2030, moving Jamaica to a more digital society.

Gloria Henry, the President of the Business Process Industry Association of Jamaica noted that Ikonwork will give employers the opportunity to articulate a compelling and strong brand.

The platform is free for job and career seekers who will be able to articulate their customized, solutions-focused professional value through the use of a video pitch and a customized profile.