Bahamians are again preparing for another tropical system to hit the northern section of the country.

Weather forecasters have announced that there has been another tropical depression identified to become a tropical storm by the weekend. If that happens, it will be known as Humberto.
The prospects of Humberto comes just two weeks after Hurricane Dorian, a category 5 storm that made landfall in the country, ravaging the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama. Thousands of Bahamians are still homeless and occupying shelters until their homes are rebuilt. Thousands have also been reported as missing and the death toll continues to climb.

Meanwhile, members of the Jamaica Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) have been aiding those affected in the country. Temporary structures have been built and the soldiers are working on establishing distribution routes on the island. 

Their presence in the country has been welcomed by the Bahamian Government. However, while they work, many Bahamians are still wondering how they will move on. With no homes to return to and for some, no families, the future is uncertain.