Residents of several St. Andrew Communities are appealing for law enforcement to increase their presence in the area. This follows a spate of robberies in the area which has left many traumatized. Speaking with CVM LIVE recently, residents spoke on condition of anonymity.

Many are afraid of walking home as they can be robbed at any time.

They say sometimes the robbers would drive up and hold them at gunpoint while demanding that they hand over their belongings. Residents say these individuals often use several motor vehicles so no one can tell when they are approaching.

One resident shared a recent encounter. She says after arriving home one evening she observed a man on her verandah. Her husband was inside with friends so she did not consider that he might be a burglar. However, when she questioned her husband about the man’s identity, he denied knowing the individual. Alarmed at this discovery, they immediately closed the door; unaware that the would-be burglar was still inside.

Growing uneasy about the situation, they reopened the door. It was at that point that the man fled from the house.

Residents say they are uncertain of what to do and are urging the relevant authorities to act. The People’s National Party Caretaker for St Andrew Eastern, Venesha Phillips says she has received reports of robberies in the area and intends to work with the police to allow for a safer community.

Meanwhile, the Papine Police have indicated that they will continue to conduct regular patrols in the area.