Homeless Men Chopped To Death In Corporate Area

Four Homeless Men Chopped To Death In Corporate Area- Shocking details of a gruesome act that led to the death of four men, who were among six attacked by unknown assailants in the corporate area; four of six homeless men who were chopped by another alleged homeless man have died leaving two others in critical conditions. 

Early Monday morning at 5 AM, eyewitnesses allege a man wheeling a machete attacked three of the homeless men who appear to be in their late 50s early 60s  within the vicinity of the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

One of the three was killed at the intersection of East and Sutton Streets on the compound of the courthouse.

The locations where the men were chopped left a graphic scene too morbid for airplay. Nevertheless, the evidence is easily seen by any passerby reminding residents of the gruesome rampage that occurred at the break of dawn Monday in close proximity to both the parish court and the central police station.

Two of the men were attacked in the half-way tree area while the other was attacked in the Kingston Western police division.

Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew Delroy Williams gave words of condolences to the staff at the Marie Atkins Night shelter where the deceased used as a resting place most nights.

Superintendent Paul Thomas Head of The Investigations says the police will be ramping up their presence on the roads in an attempt at preventing any further incidents and are appealing to the homeless to use the shelter facilities where they will be safer.