Holness Says the GOJ Never Shifted Focus from Poor And Vulnerable 

Prime Minister Andrew Holness tooted his own horn on Thursday afternoon while slamming the Opposition for attempting to devalue gains of his administration coming out of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The much-anticipated speech yielded seeds reflective of his theme, from vision to reality; nurturing seeds for peace, opportunity, and prosperity dogged by technical and audio difficulties, the Prime Minister remained unrelenting in his quest to bring his much-anticipated budget presentation for the fiscal year 2023/24. Tackling issues on all fronts Andrew Holness hammered the fact that there are indeed no new taxes contrary, to recent suggestions by the opposition leader. Holness says the cupboard’s empty was the lingo of previous years under the PNP, now the political opposition. He highlights that despite economic global obstacles

Using a biblical analogy of joseph creating buffers for difficult times, he says such was the country’s stance under his leadership resulting in a V-shaped recovery. Holness contends that his government remains resolute in supporting the needs of the poor highlighting support given to the needy under the care programme.

He also reminds that no public sector jobs were lost during the pandemic, meantime, he went on to strike relatable chords with issues such as the controversial and ongoing wage talks commending those who have already signed and encouraging others to follow suit. 

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