Holness Condemns Corruption in Police Force  

Prime Minister Andrew Holness acknowledges that the increased fines under the new Road Traffic Act will likely tempt corruption in the police force, as he notes there will be citizens trying to bribe officers.

Expressing concern for the possibility of corruption rearing its ugly head in the police force, Prime Minister Andrew Holness says members of the force ought to be subjected to an interdiction process, to weed out those who give the force a bad name. Focusing on the security force’s enforcement methods, the pm urged the police to apply discretion where warranted, though he believes this should not present an opportunity for exploitation. Amid the plethora of concerns being raised by motorists regarding the new road traffic act, PM Holness says the penalties, and higher fines should deter reckless driving; as he warns, it is improbable that another amnesty period will be granted. Watch the report:

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