Hillside Residents In Manchester Bemoans Garbage Pile-Up

Residents of the Hillside and Knock-Patrick Communities in Central Manchester are bemoaning the issue of poor garbage collection, amid a possible outbreak of the dengue virus.

They say garbage has not been collected for over a month.

CVM LIVE contacted the National Solid Waste Management Authority’s (NSWMA) Executive Director Audley Gordon who advises that the matter is being rectified, and that it has only been two weeks since some of their trucks have been down due to servicing.

With contractual arrangements made with the Southern Parks and Markets (SPM) on the frequency with which garbage should be collected, main roads are to be cleared daily and residential areas ought to be visited once per week, however, this is not always the case based on a number of challenges.

He is appealing to the residents to be patient as the matter is a work-in progress.