Health inspectors on Thursday afternoon took decisive action by issuing a closure notice to the vendors operating at the popular Heroes Circle eatery. This move comes in the wake of a viral video that depicted a vendor engaging in unsanitary practices at one of the stalls. The often bustling Heroes Circle eatery, which underwent significant renovations just a year ago, found itself in the spotlight as authorities descended upon the location with heightened expectations and a range of sanctions. 

Health inspectors made this decision following the leak of a video that exposed unsanitary practices, raising serious concerns about public health and safety. The video, now widely circulated, featured one of the vendors performing personal hygiene activities within a stall, allegedly due to an emergency situation.

Chief Public Health Inspector for Kingston and St. Andrew, Gracie Hutchinson, stated that a series of violations were identified during their thorough investigation of the incident. Watch the report:

Reporter Kimberly Henry.

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