Jamaicans Advised to Prepare as Meteorological Service Forecasts Persistent Rainfall

The Meteorological Service has issued a heightened rainfall alert as we usher in the new year. A weather front impacting parts of the Caribbean is anticipated to linger east of Jamaica until dissipating on Tuesday, January 2. Residents in the northern, central, and eastern parishes are specifically cautioned to brace themselves for cooler temperatures accompanying the increased rainfall. The weather front, expected to stall over the region, brings with it the potential for prolonged precipitation. Jamaicans are urged to stay informed and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety and well-being during this period. The Meteorological Service emphasizes the importance of preparedness, urging residents to secure their homes and belongings. Additionally, motorists are advised to exercise caution on the roads, especially in areas prone to flooding.

The increased rainfall is part of a broader weather pattern affecting the Caribbean, and residents are encouraged to monitor official weather updates regularly. As the front lingers, its effects are expected to be most pronounced in the specified parishes, necessitating heightened awareness and readiness. While the weather front is set to dissipate by Tuesday, January 2, Jamaicans must stay vigilant and heed official advisories until the threat has fully passed. The Meteorological Service will continue to provide updates as the situation develops.

In light of this weather alert, CVM TV urges its audience to stay tuned for further information and to follow recommended safety measures.

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