Enhanced Police Presence Ensures Safety at Season’s Key Events

As the anticipation for two of the season’s major events reaches its peak tonight, partygoers and revelers are gearing up for a night to remember. With the renowned ‘I Love Soca’ party taking place at the University of the West Indies Mona Bowl and the much-anticipated ‘Sting’ celebrating its 40th anniversary at its former home in Jam World, Portmore, St. Catherine, law enforcement officers are on high alert to monitor traffic and safety protocols at both locations. The Commanding Officer for St. Catherine South, Senior Superintendent Christopher Phillips, assured the public that the law enforcement team was well-prepared to oversee various aspects of the events. This includes traffic management, vending policies, and ensuring the safety of patrons. Senior Superintendent Phillips emphasized that the officers are already on-site, diligently carrying out their duties.

“For ‘Sting’s’ 40th anniversary celebration, our team is fully committed to monitoring every detail, from traffic control to enforcing vending and patron policies. We’ve situated ourselves on-site, and the work has already begun,” stated SSP Phillips. Given the myriad responsibilities at hand, he advised those not attending the events but commuting in the area to consider alternative routes to avoid potential traffic congestion. Regarding the ‘I Love Soca’ party at the University of the West Indies Mona Bowl, CVM News made attempts to reach the commanding officer in charge, but communication was unsuccessful at the time of reporting. However, patrons planning to attend are advised to remain responsible and mindful of safety guidelines. As both events promise to attract local and international patrons, law enforcement’s enhanced presence underscores their commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. The community is encouraged to cooperate with officers on-site and adhere to traffic and safety regulations to facilitate a smooth and incident-free celebration.

Reporter: Trisha-Gaye Kelly

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