Heart/NSTA Trust Launches New Coding Training Programme

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness says the country’s future will depend heavily on technology and innovation.

He was speaking at the Heart/NSTA Trust Coding Academy virtual launch.

Students will undergo an intensive year-long residency training at the Stony Hill Heart/NSTA campus. Additionally, they will have an internship component, where they will work with seasoned developers on software development solutions.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the graduates will be guaranteed jobs within the amber group.

The Prime Minister said “the Amber Heart/NSTA Trust Coding Academy is a groundbreaking first step towards achieving our vision of positioning Jamaica as a technology and innovation hub.

Additionally, Holness says other countries have reaped success from the coding industry. He says there are therefore prospects for Jamaica to become regional leaders in coding.

Javine McLean reports for CVM Live: