Heart NSTA Launches Forklift Training Program

The Heart NSTA has launched a new program geared towards training individuals to be certified forklift operators. The certification is also recognizable on the international scene which will be feasible for persons to get employment overseas. The program is open to all who are interested to apply. The six week training program at Heart Trust NSTA for persons learning to maneuver forklifts has ended.

Executive Chairman for the Kevoy Community Development Institute of Jamaica, Donavon McLaren says many stakeholders are on board for the initiative. He notes the program was replete with detailed technicalities to better equip all participants. Mr. McLaren adds that the certification is recognized globally, if learners may have an interest in seeking employment overseas.

He notes while the centre is working on other training programs, this current program is the priority. Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Mark Golding says the 12 persons who completed the training are from his constituency, St. Andrew south. He says this area of training is in high demand. One Trench Town community college principal, Dosseth Edwards-Watson says applicants can still register for the forklift training program.