Hayles Confident About VP Candidature 

The People’s National Party (PNP) Vice President incumbent, Ian Hayles, is expressing confidence about his candidature to return to the post come September. He says the work continues even as the party unites in hope of becoming the next government. 

Speaking with CVM LIVE Monday afternoon, Hayles says he’s running for a second tenure as he feels his work is incomplete. He says he was Vice President during a difficult time for the party, however, he notes, with the unity being stronger than ever, he feels it is his duty to serve once again. 

Hayles ran uncontested during the last internal elections, however, he is now competing with Mikael Phillips, Donna Scott Mottley, and Zulieka Jess. But, even with the competition, he says he is confident of a win.

Hayles says he is unconcerned about his competitors but is merely focused on bettering the party. The elections are slated to take place in September at the Party’s National Conference. More details in this report:

Reporter: Velonique Bowen

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