Hart Street Residents Protest Police Killing of Man

Enraged residents of Hart Street Montego Bay, St. James this morning took to the streets to lash out at the police for the killing of a 33 year old footballer who they argue is completely innocent. INDECOM is investigating the incident.

The 12 year old daughter of Kadmar Beadle can now only cling to the memories of her father playing an active role in her life, with hopes of finding comfort. The 33 year old was fatally shot by an off-duty police officer during an altercation at a bar on Jarrett Street, Montego Bay on Friday night.

Police reports are that, during the altercation beadle allegedly used a knife to inflict a wound to the officer’s abdomen and was subsequently shot by the officer using his service pistol. Beadle died while undergoing treatment at the Cornwall Regional Hospital. There was total chaos on Hart Street Saturday morning as residents vented their anger over beadle’s killing, sharing conflicting details of what transpired. The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) says a team from its western regional office has begun investigations. It says the officer’s service weapon was recovered, processed and sealed for submission to the government forensic lab.

However, INDECOM says the knife allegedly used during the altercation was not recovered during the processing of the scene. The police tried to restore order but our news team understands the protest only moved to other streets including one of Montego Bay’s major thoroughfares, Barnett Street.