Harbour Drive Residents Say They Have No Representatives

As early as 6′ o clock on Friday, residents of Harbour Drive, St. Andrew were seen strung along the side of the road with placards. The residents say they are demonstrating against a five year long infrastructure problem. The problem, they say has now worsened and has resulted in property loss and restless nights whenever it rains.

Residents told the CVM LIVE team that in 2015, the government started a World Bank-funded project to take the water from the hills above Harbour View. However, upon seeing the blueprint they told the authorities the plan could not work because the soil composition is not conducive to allow for excessive water flow.

President of the Harbour View Citizen Association, Orion Archat said after voicing their concerns, they are now living the nightmare they prophesied five years ago.

Additionally, the residents say being on the border of both constituencies has resulted in neglect. Harbour Drive sits on the border of East Rural, St. Andrew that is governed by JLP representative Juliet Holness. As well as Kingston East and Port Royal runned by PNP representative Phillip Paulwell.

CVM LIVE reached out to the Chief Executive Officer for the Kingston and St. Andrew municipality Robert Hill. However, he said the responsibility lies with the National Works Agency (NWA). Stephen Shaw, Communications Manger for National Works Agency says it is the KSAMC who has that responsibility. Additionally, the Acting Director General, Richard Thompson in the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) was contacted regarding the issue. However, ODPEM says that the NWA is the one who is responsible.