Hanover’s 10 Most Wanted Men Named 

The Hanover police have released the names of 10 wanted men. They are making an urgent appeal for the men to turn themselves in, to the Lucea police immediately.

1. Ricardo ‘Richie’ Palmer – wanted for murder.

2. Eric ‘Legacy’ Clarke – wanted for murder. His last known address is Cash Hill, Hanover  

3. Vernon shearer, otherwise called ‘Vandam’, wanted for abduction, rape, illegal possession of firearm, and assault at common-law. His last known address is upper rock spring, in the parish.

4. Kayon Casselle otherwise called ‘Castle’, of Guava Walk, Unity Hall, St. James. He is wanted for shooting with intent.

5. Richardo Robinson, otherwise called ‘Travis’ or ‘Charma’, who’s wanted for wounding with intent and illegal possession of firearm. His last known address is Smithfield District, Cascade, Hanover. 

6. Nicholas Stephens, wanted for rape. His last known addresses are Islington, St. Mary, and Montpelier, in the parish.

7. Obrien Thomas –  wanted for rape. The police say he frequents Hanover and Westmoreland. 

8. Leon Reckard, otherwise called ‘brown dawg’ of cove district, Hanover. He’s also wanted for rape.

9. Michael Thomas, otherwise called ‘Thicka’, of Prosper Road, Lucea, Hanover. He’s wanted for wounding with intent.

10. Devon ‘Tupac’ Reckord, of Police Hill in Cousins Cove, Hanover. He’s also wanted for wounding with intent.

The men are being asked to turn themselves in to the Lucea Police by 5:00 p.m., on Wednesday, September 28. The police are also asking anyone with information that can assist them in locating the men to contact the Lucea Police at 876-956-2304 or crime stop at 311.

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