An undeserving fate. Little Nikita ‘Jojo’ Noel remains only as a memory to residents in Kew district, Lucea, Hanover, who say they have yet to fully process the reality before them.  9-year-old Nikita made her final journey home from school, Wednesday night.

The residents expressed concern for her mother, as they note the utter devastation they would be in if such a fate befell their child. And, the screams of distress the night Nikita’s body was found, still haunt the community.

As one resident who was a part of the search team recounts that traumatic night. The trauma is manifold, as she remembered her friend 23-year-old Shaunda Rhule who was chopped to death in her home, in Fort Charlotte Drive, Hanover, Wednesday.

Meanwhile, retired Pastor in the parish Horace Hector says there needs to be a societal reset, that transforms the heart and minds of criminals. Both gruesome murders happened within the space of less than a week in the parish, leaving a stain of fear and sadness across several communities.

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Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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