Group of Mentally Ill Persons Leaves Bank in a “Mess”.

The doors of the FirstCaribbean International Bank (CIBC), in Port Antonio, Portland, have been smeared with feces, by a group of mentally-ill individuals. 

The act has been dubbed the last straw for residents and customers of the bank, who are demanding that the government intervenes and remove the persons from the street. Cleaning operations were undertaken at the CIBC in Port Antonio, Portland on Monday, after a group of people, believed to be of unsound mind, tossed feces on the bank’s door. Residents near the rear of the building told our news team the group has been living at the corner of the bank for years. They say despite efforts to have the group removed, they continue to occupy the space, driving fear into the bank’s customers. He says it’s also a matter of security, as he’s forced to take extra precautions when handling business to avoid being robbed by them. Another woman is imploring the government’s intervention in getting those who are mentally challenged off the streets. She says she’s fearful of being attacked and even more fearful of retaliating lest she’s sanctioned. Efforts to get a comment from the bank’s manager on the situation have proven futile.