Residents of Grants Pen, St. Thomas, are expressing worry and frustration over the incomplete drainage system associated with a recently constructed highway. The unease was sparked when a public passenger vehicle veered into an unfinished drain in Duhaney Pen within the parish. While grateful for the new nearby highway, locals are troubled by the slow progress in completing the drainage infrastructure. Mr. Bowen, a resident, attributes community hardships to the abandoned drainage system. Water from the highway fails to flow through the channels created by the China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC). 

According to him, the system should include a culvert to divert water, which is currently absent. Delroy Hendricks, Public Relations Officer of the Grants Pen Citizens Association, notes that CHEC revisited the area weeks ago to redesign the drainage system but left it unfinished. Hendricks raises concerns about the hazardous nature of the bricks used in constructing the drains, posing potential risks to residents, especially children and the elderly. The community remains eager for resolution as they navigate the challenges posed by the incomplete infrastructure. 


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