Grand Market popularly referred to as “Gran Market” is one of the most anticipated events of the Christmas season.

It is usually a colorful and energetic affair. But the coronavirus has altered many traditions worldwide, Gran Market being one. 

To prevent transmission of the virus, the Government imposed a curfew from 10 pm until 5 am.

The CVM Live team was in the streets on Grand Market day to witness a major event during the pandemic.

A strong police presence was felt in some spaces well up to half an hour before the beginning of curfew.

Higglers hurriedly packed away their goods.

Meanwhile, sound systems were already unstrung and jerk chicken vendors sold their last batch.

A popular sound system operator, “Scarry” says despite the early curfew this is the best Grand Market he has ever seen.

However, legendary sound system owner and operator Winston Powell “Wee Pow” of Stone Love sounds didn’t share those sentiments.

However, some patrons were a bit more reluctant to adhere to the protocols in Half Way Tree.

Fewer police personnel were seen in the town. Vendors and patrons, appeared unbothered.

The resistance to the COVID-19 protocols was even more pronounced in the town, as vendors voiced their dissatisfaction with the 10 pm curfew.

Street cleaning got underway shortly after but the efforts proved futile in some areas where activities appeared to be getting into high gear.