GOVT Calls Emergency Meeting With Entertainment Industry Players

The Government of Jamaica has been vocal in warning citizens to heed public health advice on social distancing. Entertainment industry players were called to an emergency meeting with the Minister of Local Government and Community Development on Wednesday. 

Desmond Mckenzie says his administration will not allow the gains made in the management of  Covid-19 to be destroyed by people who disregard the interests of others.

Minister Desmond Mckenzie says the disregard for the Covid-19 safety rules is happening at numerous events being held all over the country. Surveys from the ministry show that over seven hundred (700) events have been staged without permission.

In other instances where approvals were given, the agreed conditions were breached. This he says has resulted in The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) being stretched in responding to these breaches.

Chairman of the Entertainment Advisory Board, Howard Mcintosh who was at a meeting discussing these issues with the minister on Wednesday is concerned about the issue of non -compliance within the entertainment sector.