Standing firm on the government’s zero tolerance for murder, Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck is rooting for increased penalties under the Offences of a Person Act, declaring his stance in the House of Representatives, Tuesday. 

Following the proclamation of the recently passed Firearms Prohibition, Restriction and Regulations Act 2022,  Minister Chuck believes there is now an urgent need for the alignment of the minimum mandatory penalty, as he calls for adjustments to also be made to illegibility for parole. Noting the extreme crime situation in Jamaica warrants a deviation from conventional sentences imposed in other jurisdictions.

This, as the Minister says the key purposes of sentences are: deterrence, rehabilitation and restoration. Minister Chuck believes that the proposal achieves the objective of ensuring that the potential sentencing matches the seriousness and gravity of the offence, while remaining within the realm of constitutionality. His proposal received much support from the Opposition.

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Reporter: Nasika Alliman