Government’s Contractual Arrangement with IGL Concerns

With the recent rationing of oxygen in public hospitals and low supply from IGL, Opposition Spokesperson on Finance, Julian Robinson has expressed concerns over the contractual arrangements between the country’s sole supplier of medical oxygen and the Government.

Robinson is questioning whether the agreement has been amended since the pandemic in anticipation of a surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations and patients requiring oxygen support. Robinson questions the basis of the contract between the Government and IGL as it relates to the provision of medical oxygen beyond the normal supply from the company pre-COVID. he also noted the importance of guaranteed supply to ensure the country does not run into problems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated global demand for the lifesaving power of medical oxygen, as the virus is known to affect the respiratory system. Recently hospitals were advised to conserve on the gas after the country’s sole supplier ran low.

Acknowledging the scarcity of the essential commodity globally, Robinson notes that the absence of contractual arrangements prior to the increase in demand makes the procurement process more uncertain. Robinson also raised concerns as it relates to the cost that country might be taking on when it comes to purchasing additional oxygen which may not be stipulated in the contract.

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