Government To Establish ‘No Build Zone’

‘No Build Zone’ – In light of recent damage done to dozens of homes in areas prone to flooding and landslides, the Prime Minister says steps will be taken to address the common occurrence of persons building homes in areas that are not appropriate for construction.

Holness says emphasis will be placed on affordable housing to discourage home building in hazardous locations.

The extensive damage  caused by days of torrential rain  across the island is estimated to cost the government  billions.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is warning citizens who build houses in areas prone to landslides and flooding that measures will be put in place by his administration to establish no-build zones to mitigate the impact of severe weather events…

Two persons died in Shooters Hill St. Andrew when their house collapsed… There have also been many reports of persons narrowly escaping danger as the rains caused rockfall in some areas. Holness says the building in environmentally safe locations is a factor that will influence the country’s resilience. Establishing a ‘No Build Zone’ will help to keep citizens safe in the areas they live.

The Meteorological Service on Wednesday announced that another tropical wave may be approaching the Eastern Caribbean.