Golding: Violence in Communities May Hinder Vaccination

Opposition Leader Mark Golding believes while some residents may access vaccines comfortably, others are battling community tension and violence to consider when crossing one border to the other. He notes that this issue has caused many to be unable to attend various vaccination sites that are within a particular community.

Golding and Member of Parliament Dr. Angella Brown Burke on Thursday, September 2, visited the Haile Selassie High School vaccination site to observe the operation. Dr. Brown-Burke says the vaccines are aimed towards children, however, others outside the age group also showed up for the jab.

Dr. Brown Burke says she believes sensitization towards the vaccine should be a topic in schools as many children need to understand the mechanics of it. The Opposition Leader also took the time to educate onlookers on the history and reminded the public that the introduction to vaccines is not a first.

Meanwhile, a problem was highlighted in some inner cities where vaccinations are concerned. Some residents say they are willing to take the vaccines, however, the blitz sites are within vicinities that are at war with their communities. Golding reiterates that the centres need to be closer to some residents in specific communities as violence between communities is real.

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