Opposition Leader Mark Golding recently unveiled the People’s National Party’s (PNP) new Shadow Cabinet, expressing satisfaction with the available talent. While Golding acknowledges that the current composition is largely exploratory and may differ in an elected cabinet, he emphasizes the enthusiasm of the appointees to commence their work. The reshuffle on January 6 introduces seven new members and achieves gender parity with ten women in the 26-member Shadow Cabinet. Despite the limited parliamentary representation, Golding remains confident in advancing the party’s policy platform.

Speaking at a media event in the Corporate Area on Sunday afternoon, Golding highlighted that the PNP will present its policy positions and manifesto at an appropriate time. He believes that the opposition’s commitment to advocacy will persist despite challenges in parliamentary representation. The Shadow Cabinet includes spokespersons such as Wavell Hinds, the new spokesperson on Sports and Labor, expressing readiness to leverage his expertise for Jamaican workers. Deborah Hickling Gordon, the spokesperson on Culture, emphasizes transparency and accountability as her top priorities, drawing from her experience as a senior aide in the Portia Simpson Miller administration. As the PNP’s Shadow Cabinet gears up for policy engagement, Golding remains optimistic about the party’s direction and its commitment to presenting a comprehensive manifesto in due course.


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