Golding: SOE’s Unconstitutional, Inefficient and Baseless

In a response to the recent announcement of the new curfew measures and intended implementations of States of Emergency, (SOE’s) in various areas across the island; Opposition leader, Mark Golding says the Government needs a crime-fighting strategy that is long-lasting and effective. This as the leader notes the opposition is firmly against the recently declared states of public emergency in 7 police divisions.

The Government is bankrupt on solutions, this is according to Golding while speaking at the PNP’s state of the nation press briefing Tuesday, November 16. Golding says the States of Emergency, (SOE’s) have been inefficient since its inception in 2017.

Mr. Golding highlighted the fact that the majority of people who were detained have suffered tremendously. He notes the SOE’s greatly amplified poor treatment towards citizens by law enforcement officers.

Mr. Golding also adds that SOE’s are unnecessary to have security forces on the ground to manage crime; this as other alternative legislations are in place. When asked what alternative the opposition suggests, he had this to say.

The Opposition leader says though they have supported SOE extensions in the past, it is not the best decision for the nation.

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