Golding Calls For Transparency in Reclassification 

As many continue to weigh in on the series of strikes by public sector workers, the opposition aired his concerns and offered suggestions. Mark Golding is urging the government to be more transparent in its proceedings, to regain the trust of the workers. Transparency and genuine negotiations are the requests of Opposition Leader Mark Golding, on behalf of public sector workers who have executed three strikes over the last three days.

The strikes, though from different organizations had one thing in common; frustration among the protestors who say they’re urging the government to act on their reclassification request. Golding is blaming the government for creating the problem. He says it all started with Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke‘s move to withdraw the duty concession for traveling officers in the public sector. Golding says the government has taken an arrogant approach to the reclassification process, and further in dealing with the strikes. 

He says a reform is needed to successfully tackle the issue. 

Reporter: Velonique Bowen