Gas Prices Up by Almost 10%

Motorists will again see a sizable increase in the gas prices as a nearly ten percent increase takes effect on June 9.  With the increase, retailers are pleading for something to be done, as they say the constant increase is crippling their livelihood. 

With a $4.50 price increase for fuel, a nearly ten percent surge, the outcry from motorists is growing louder as they question what will be done to curb this rising number. However, even as persons struggle to cope with the increase that takes effect on Thursday, Petrojam Boss Winston Watson notes possible future increases especially as the Russia/Ukraine conflict continues.

One taxi owner tells CVM LIVE the constant increase is affecting his livelihood, as a large portion of his profit is spent on gas. He is calling on the government to find ways to reduce the prices. 

Meanwhile, another motorist notes the repercussions of the increase has a ripple effect.  He says the current and further increase may force persons to consider alternative transportation. Watch the report:

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Reporter: Velonique Bowen.