KINGSTON, JAMAICA – Generation 2000 (G2K), the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, is calling on Errol Bosco to immediately resign from his position as Principal of the Tacky High School amidst damning allegations. The recent resignation of Mr. Bosco as the People’s National Party (PNP) candidate for Western Saint Mary due to “scurrilous and malicious allegations” against him has raised serious concerns about his ability to continue to lead an educational institution, given his failure to address similar issues as Principal.

It is deeply troubling that Mr. Bosco while prioritizing the reputation of the PNP, has failed to extend the same level of concern for the reputation and well-being of Tacky High School, the educational institution he serves as Principal. As guardians of the interests of students and the community, school administrators must uphold the highest standards of integrity and accountability in education.

Shayne Kerr, President of Generation 2000, condemns Mr. Bosco’s absolute disregard for his duty to protect the school and prioritize its reputation before his partisan interests. Kerr states, “It is unacceptable for Mr. Bosco to prioritize the reputation of the PNP over the noble institution of Tacky High School. As Principal, his primary responsibility is to ensure the well-being and reputation of the school and its students. His failure to do so is deeply concerning and begs to question his suitability to lead.”

Kerr further adds, “The actions of Mr. Bosco demonstrate a clear lack of judgment and integrity. By prioritizing partisan interests over the welfare of the school community, he has failed in his duty as Principal. This action is not only irresponsible but also undermines the trust and confidence that students, parents, and the community have placed in him.”

Generation 2000 calls on Mr. Bosco to recognize the potential risk that his continued tenure as Principal poses to Tacky High School and its community during this time. We urge him to do the right thing and tender his resignation immediately to safeguard the reputation and well-being of the school.