Funeral Home Involved In Rotting Body Controversy

The Burton family, from Kingston, is demanding answers from the House of Tranquility Funeral Home, after allegedly being refused viewing rights to their relative’s body.

The home advised that the body was in a state of decomposition. 

However, the family insists there was no plausible reason for the body to decompose; due to the condition of their loved one at the time of death.

Additionally, a source explains to CVM Live that sometimes bodies at the home arrive already decomposed.

However, the source notes overcrowding and refrigeration problems at the government-contracted home have posed a challenge for some time now.

Dr. Jephthah Ford, who has volunteered to investigate the case says apart from a body being decomposed at a home, providing an autopsy report, with the family identifying the body is a medical breach.

The family allege the autopsy was conducted without them identifying the deceased. 

Another home proprietor says the issuing of funeral state contracts is faulty, resulting in some homes being overcrowded.

CVM Live is yet to receive a response from the owner of the House of Tranquility funeral home after several efforts to get a comment.