Fraud Prevention Expert: an uptick in online scamming During Black Friday Sales  – Following the Black Friday weekend sales, there have been numerous reports of online scamming as persons look to online shopping amid the realities of the Coronavirus pandemic.

CVM LIVE spoke with the Fraud Prevention Expert and Special Investigations Manager at the National Commercial Bank (NCB) Fraud Unit Dane Nicholson.

He says as persons opt to shop online they must ensure that the site is secure, persons can determine this by noting whether or not there is an S in the  HTTP address.

A video being circulated on social media shows a man replacing the POS machine with one of his own. The switching of machines have been done by both customers and workers in many instances.

Nicholson says person should ensure that while they use the bank cards, they do not let them out of their sights.

He says if the card is swiped twice persons should question a supervisor or someone in charge about whether the transaction was done twice.