Franklyn Town Residents Allege Police Brutality

Fear and frustration grip Franklyn Town residents who complain of alleged police mistreatment. They say they have been subjected to varying forms of abuse such as the police allegedly firing warning shots into the sky, beating and using tear gas on them.

Rifle-wielding, baton swinging police in the Franklin Town community of East Kingston were the source of vexation among residents, who allege they were abused by the lawmen. A man and his son were seen being taken into custody, for what is still unclear. Residents mounted roadblocks, setting debris on fire while protesting alleged police brutality.

A relative of the father and son, taken into custody, who did not want to show her face on camera, explained that as her brother was riding his bicycle, police passing in their vehicle dragged him off by his bag. The man, who was accompanied by his 18-year-old son asked the police what they were doing, she claims it was at that point both men were allegedly abused. Another family member, left with a chipped tooth, allegedly following the ordeal, says both men are innocent.

Residents say the alleged police excess is ongoing, which was brought to the attention of Head of East Kingston Police Tommie Lee Chambers, but they say nothing has changed. Residents allege nothing is being done by the authorities to maintain order in the area. Councillor for the area Charmaine Daniels is alarmed and wants reformation for the Franklyn Town residents who she says deserve better policing.

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