Four Homes to be Renovated in Central Kingston

Ramshackle homes, an unsightly feature of Central Kingston and its history, these were recently targeted for much-needed renovation and assistance. The broken-down homes in Central Kingston, surrounded by looks of despair, were given well-needed facelifts, through a collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and the Kingston and St. Andrew municipality, as part of a broader plan to restore the constituency.

Cracks in the walls and peeling paint on the brightly colored houses of South Side, Central Kingston are obvious signs of decades of disrepair. The unlivable accommodation of one resident, Julia Rogers, was made even worse after a tree fell on her bathroom. For years she has been living elsewhere but, after appealing to central Kingston Member of Parliament, Donovan Williams for help, her home is set to be renovated.

Through assistance from the Ministry of Local Government, four houses will be renovated. MP Williams was on-site at Julia’s home, the first to be renovated. Also present were the Mayor of Kingston and other government representatives.

MP Williams says that financial constraints are one of a few reasons the houses have not been repaired over the years.
Kingston Mayor, Delroy Williams, is also pleased to see steps being taken for restoration. As shared during his state of the constituency debate, engineers have started analyzing the houses, and construction is slated to begin in the coming weeks.

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