Four accused are in court concerning the murder of Toshyna Patterson and her 10-month-old child Sarayah Paulwell. They are Leoda Bradshaw, her cousin Roland Balfour, Bjon Black, and David Smith. Black joined the proceeding virtually.

They have all been joined on a single indictment, in relation to the September 9, 2023 incident.

David Smith is allegedly the triggerman in the murder case of Toshyna Patterson and Sarayah Paulwell. The prosecution claims he snapped a photo of the deceased and sent it to Leoda Bradshaw as proof of completion.

The Crown is seeking the death penalty. Smith currently lacks legal representation. Director of Prosecution Paula Llewelyn presents details to the court, observing Smith’s nervous gestures. Roland Balfour occasionally chuckles, while Leoda Bradshaw remains void of emotions.

In response, the alleged triggerman in the murder investigation said he did not pull the trigger. After raising his hand in court, Justice Vinette Graham Allen permitted for him to be approached, to which Deborah Martin, the lawyer representing Leoda Bradshaw did.

He told her he did not understand what was happening because the Crown’s allegations were false.

He was then made to address the court where he repeated his statement.

The judge instructed him to save the explanations and assertions for when he gets a lawyer.

Attorney Deborah Martin was also instructed not to interact with Smith since the interests of each client may differ.


Four of the six people implicated in the murder of Philip Paulwell’s daughter, Sarayah, and her mother, Toshyna Patterson are remanded until June 13, 2023.

Case Management will continue at that time.

They are Leoda Bradshaw, Roland Balfour, David Smith, and Bjon Black.

They will all join remotely.

Black also has another matter in the gun court. The crown alleges when he was arrested, he was found in possession of a gun that matches the one believed to have been used to kill the duo.

A request has been made for the matter to be transferred to Justice Vinette Graham Allen, who is presiding over the case.

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