Foul Smelling Water On Spanish Town Roads

Foul smelling water in Spanish Town: The stench in the centre of Spanish Town, St. Catherine is almost impossible to ignore along with commuters trying their best to not step in the questionable water or be splashed by the swift and heavy traffic. The reports have been made but the conditions are worsening.

CVM LIVE followed up on the manholes in Spanish Town, days after the rain gave rise to greater issues. Not only is the stench from the water noticeable, but mosquito larvae could be seen in the settled water; which are the vectors responsible for spreading many viruses, a  common one being dengue.

Citizens say the debris that causes the blockage in the manholes is the main cause. While others say whenever the drains are cleaned the gunk is left on the streets which are later washed back into the manholes whenever it rains.

 Some citizens suspect the water which settles on the road is not only from the manhole but is mixed with sewage.

Attempts to contact Mayor for Spanish Town Norman Scott and Member of Parliament for the area Denese Daley were made, however calls and messages went unanswered.

Paige Dixon reports for CVM LIVE: