Foul Odour of Dead Chickens in Clarendon Upsets Motorists

The offensive odour of dead chickens along a main road in Clarendon has upset motorists as well as caused the passersby to question if this is a potential health hazard.

The stench of chicken carcasses strung along the Parnassus Road in Trelawny has left a foul impression on motorists struggling to avoid the odour. Some drivers have had to detour in an effort to avoid the smell altogether.

Residents are speculating it could be the improper disposal of waste by local poultry farmers, but without much proof, they insist the practice must be discontinued.

Conducting interviews on the road was difficult as both the CVM team as well, motorists say the stench was unbearable to conduct interviews. One motorist says the action was unconscionable, as the chickens were not properly dumped but left along the roadway.

Meanwhile, Councillor for the York Town Division, Uphel Purcell, is urging anyone with information on the person or persons behind this action to share this information with the Four Paths Police. Councillor Purcell says not only is it unconscionable but adds it’s a health hazard.

He notes that whoever is responsible must be brought to justice, as motorist may very well bring the germs from these dead chickens into their homes and can cause their themselves or children and other family member stop become ill.

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