Former Members Call For Return of PMI

Former President of the Peace Management Initiative, Milton Tomlinson is calling for the return of the Violence Interruption Programme. The Ministry of Security had ceased funding for the PMI back in 2020.

However, former member of the PMI Orlando Hamilton says since the programme was abandoned the country has seen an upsurge in violent crimes. Former manager of the Violence Interruption Programme with PMI, Milton Tomlinson, is calling for the return of the programme in violence-prone areas.

The Ministry of National Security ceased funding for the PMI in March 2020, with the national security minister saying the Violent Interruption Programme was not as effective as hoped. However, the former manager disagrees as he believes the violence intervention programme plays a critical role in curtailing crime in troubled communities.

Tomlinson says it takes an all hands on deck approach to rid communities of violent crimes. He says the violence interruption programme is acknowledged as a crime fighting tool in other regions, describing the initiative as reinforcement for law enforcement. Meanwhile, former member of the PMI Orlando Hamilton says since the discontinuation of the PMI, the country has seen an upsurge violence.