Former JDF Boss Rocky Meade Gets Ambassadorship  

The government’s announcement to appoint retired chief of Defense Staff Lieutenant General Rocky Meade with an ambassadorship to oversee strategic initiatives under the Andrew Holness lead administration is being questioned by the Opposition.  

Spokesman on Finance Julian Robinson is calling for transparency regarding the newly appointed post. retired Chief of Defense Staff Lieutenant General Rocky Meade has been appointed to the post of ambassador plenipotentiary with responsibility for national strategic initiatives, according to a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister. His appointment which took effect February 13, will see to him advising the Prime Minister, and Cabinet when necessary on, as well as co-ordinate, national strategic initiatives, and projects across ministries, departments, and agencies within government.

The Opposition is calling for full disclosure from the government on Meade’s appointment. Julian Robinson says Meade’s specific role in this position and his compensation package should be made public. Meade is no stranger to appointments, as in September 2022 the Jamaica House announced his appointment as cabinet secretary, an offer he was forced to decline, following declarations that his appointment was unconstitutional since he had never served in the public service. This time around, the OPM highlights the retired veteran’s extensive leadership experience, having had various significant initiatives with impact at the organizational, national, and international levels.

Ambassador Meade will be based in the office of the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, when CVM LIVE reached out to Information Minister Robert Morgan, we were initially told to call back, we did several times and were eventually told he was not in a position to speak. 

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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